All Star’s Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services for Santa Rosa and Sonoma County

Cleaning hardwood and laminate floors can be challenging—especially if you want it done right.

Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping is not enough.

Either they move dirt around, or they don’t extract unseen, ground-in dirt and fail to maintain the floor’s finish.

You can rely on All Star Carpet Care to extract the dirt from your hardwood floor and provide a beautiful, lasting finish. Not only will you be proud of how it looks today, but it will be an investment that actually extends the life of your hardwood or laminate surfaces.

Steps for Effective Hardwood Floor Cleaning

We have specialized expertise in cleaning hardwood floors. Here’s a brief overview of the process.

Initial Cleaning. We eliminate surface dirt and large debris with a powerful commercial vacuum.

Deep Cleaning. Our hardwood floor cleaning equipment uses a special brush and a proprietary cleaning solution. Together, these effectively tackle tough, ground-in dirt and contaminants.

The equipment simultaneously agitates dirt and extracts the cleaning solution as it goes so your hardwood floor is never left wet.

Hand Cleaning. We tackle hard-to-reach places and edges by hand, using a microfiber cloth to collect remaining dirt and contaminants.

Protection. After cleaning, we offer an exclusive top coat solution. Not only does it leave floors with a beautiful, rich shine, but it helps protect your floor from everyday scratches and scuffs, and preserves its beauty.

Preserving- Your Part! You can help keep your floor beautiful afterwards with these tips:

  • Dust mop, vacuum or sweep your hardwood floors regularly.
  • Never use wax, Mop & Glow or similar products. These products can strip away sealant and/or add residue to hardwood floors.
  • Avoid oil soap and other industrial household cleaners. Wax and silicone-based products compromise the integrity of your hardwood surfaces and makes cleaning much, much more difficult and expensive to clean and seal.
  • Remove spills quickly. The faster you clean them, the less chance they have of penetrating the wood surface and causing discoloration.
  • Avoid deep scratches. Pets, high heels, tennis shoes with stones in the tread, and dragging furniture can all damage wood flooring.

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